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About Hope Ministries

"Project Hope"

Hope Ministries Inc. has been in operation since 1993. The “Raymus House” was a nursing home that was generously donated by the Antone and Marie Raymus Foundation for the purpose of serving the homeless women and children in our community. We purchased the property that houses our homeless families, at “Hope Shelter,” in 1992. We were able to do a state of the art renovation with a city of Manteca grant. That brings us to our newest edition, “Building Hope,” which houses those residents that are effectively working towards residential independence.

Having a roof over your head is something so many take for granted and we are in a position to provide this and many other services to our residents. When a potential resident inquires about our program, we inform them that there are measures for success taken, to ensure their occupational and residential independence by the time they exit our program. Potential residents understand that to be successful in their future independence, they have to take responsibility in meeting their individual needs and making the most of what we offer them. All potential residents are informed that this is a safe family environment and are required to pass a drug test before entrance into the program. Residents are asked to agree that job obtainment is a priority and will be essential to their success in the program.

Aside from just offering food and shelter, we also offer support through “Project Hope.” This program is a low demand approach in a supportive housing environment.

With individual and group counseling, residents are equipped with tools that help them become proactive in restoring their spiritual, emotional, occupational, legal, financial, and medical and recovery health. These individual treatment plans cultivate self-respect, self-reliance and spiritual direction in order to strengthen families and empower success.

Individual intakes are conducted by staff and our licensed family therapist. Case managers are then assigned to the clients and families who work to identify their needs and priorities. Resources are reviewed and referrals are given to all applicable local service programs so that the needs we cannot meet are met by other supportive agencies. The goal is to “graduate” our resident with-in a 30-90 day time period with a special focus given to those required life skills that will help clients obtain occupational and residential independence.

Essentially our goal is to effectively reduce homelessness in our community by providing services to the homeless that will create residentially independent individuals. We work directly with housing services that seek to rehouse residents in affordable housing options, with well over 60 families serviced in the last year alone. We seek to quickly rehouse individuals while minimizing the family trauma of being dislocated, while promoting occupational preparedness to optimize self-sufficiency and overall wellness.

Mission Statement

"H.O.P.E. Ministries is a non-profit, faith based organization dedicated to providing shelter and services to homeless and low-income families that cultivate self-respect, self-reliance, and spiritual direction in order to strengthen families, individuals, and the community."

Please see video about the Raymus House, and Hope Ministries. See what this non-profit does for the community and how you could help in giving back!


If you would like to know more about Hope Ministries in Manteca, CA, please call 209-824-0658 or complete our online request form.

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One of the necessities of nonprofit life, is the need to raise money to fund the programs and services that they provide. While HOPE has a broad base of support within our community and is blessed by the involvement of several local churches, fundraising continues to be necessary to provide all of our shelter services. Any donation can be considered tax deductible and will be received with a thankful heart!

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HOPE Ministries fosters a team of staff and volunteer staff who lift each other up, support each other and promote growth and positive empowerment of our residents. Our mission is our culture; to build and nurture hope in each other, our residents and in the community. There is no room for judgment or pride in our work and it is an honor to serve those who are in need in our community!

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